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4 Expert Tips to Find a Perfect Space for Offices to Let in Gatwick

Leasing offices to let in Gatwick becomes necessary when you plan to start a business, but your budget is running short to buy a property. However, finding an appropriate property on rent is a daunting task. 

You need to keep a lot of factors in mind when it comes to leasing an office space in your area. Therefore, the expert team of KBA – Gatwick has come up with some tips that will help you find an office space on rent.  

1: Calculate the Space You Need for an Office

Nowadays, the rent given for an office is charged on the basis of the area and the square feet. So, try to list down the number of employees you will have. Find offices on rent in Gatwick as per your employee strength. 

An average office dedicates an area of about 125 square feet per person. If you have less employee strength, you can downsize the space into 100 square feet. If you calculate the size requirement and give your requirement to the landowner, it will help you track the record.

2: Make a Checklist of Your Requirements

For leasing an office, it is necessary for you to understand the necessary things that you require for your new start-up. For an office, it is necessary to list down a few things such as PC sets, a reception space, chairs, tables, separate rooms required for the owner of the business and managers, etc. 

You need to make a list where you can specify the number of PC sets, chairs, and tables you need for the office you are leasing. According to the list, you have to check whether you can design and decorate the interior of the offices to let in Gatwick. A perfect track can help you understand your requirement and plan to take the space according to the same.

3: Select the Location for an Office

Whenever you are planning to rent an office, always be choosy when it comes to the location. It is always necessary to choose the location carefully because your employees may not agree to work in remote areas where transport facilities are not good. 

You might have to pinch your pocket for that but you cannot ignore making a choice. Moreover, if the office is located in the heart of the city, your clients and business partners will also like to deal with you whenever required.

4: Check If the Rent Charge is Negotiable

You may have done a budget plan, so if your landlord negotiates with the rent charge, you can easily choose the best offices to rent in Gatwick. So, discuss with the landlord before you choose the place for your office.

Ask Our Commercial Property Consultants 

We hope you have gone through the above tips for finding offices to let in Gatwick. If you have more doubts, contact and consult with our team at KBA – Gatwick. We can help you find a proper space for your office. You may call us at 0129-3422-202 or email us at KENBOYLE@KBA-property.CO.UK.