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About Us

KBA stands out amongst the mostwell known commercial space locaters in Gatwick, Horsham. We intend to locate the most appropriate office space for your organization with the singular goal of increasing your growth. Our group works to the strict specifications of customers and gives expert advice that leads them to find the most conveniently located premises. It is essential for a business to be located in such a place that connects them with the target audience.

Scouting for an office space can be time consuming in nature and KBA makes the work easier and saves time for clients. With 20 long years of involvement incorporate real estate business, it is a fundamental that we will find the perfect property for a business which will totally fulfil the needs of all of the staff so they can continue to grow. Market investigation is done so as to understand the environment that is needed by the company to succeed. All we want is to witness that our customers continue advancing in their business and grow

Our agents are specialised office space finders who ensure that the services are provided at rates that are unmatched in the market. We understand that every office has a budget and that expenses for scouting an office space should be as low as possible for the organization to save up on expenditure. We have a high client retention rate and often get referred to other people by our clients due to the high quality of service. Connect with us now to get your dream office property with all the modern amenities.