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5 must-haves for your next corporate real estate office space

For people who aren’t actively involved in renting and leasing real estate, the job of finding the right office space can truly be challenging. Little details can make a lot of difference in the overall experience of working in the new office space. Firstly, know your budget, and then start searching for the right corporate real estate. The 5 must-have qualities that you should look for in a property, before selecting it as your office, are further elaborated below-

Green certification

Green building hasn’t yet been the trend; but, it is important that you choose the property that is designed in an environmental friendly manner. Such offices cost less in the long run and have happier occupants. The millennial generation is environmentally sensible and hence such real estate will help to make way smoothly into the culture.

Parking ratio

It is essential to keep in mind that due to the splurge of the mobile workforce, your employees will have vehicles with them. If your building can offer them the space for parking, there will be more such employees and the productivity will take a boost.

Commutation options

Every minute that your employee is travelling to work, is a minute that you lose out on the productivity scale. Find yourself a space that is easy to travel to; and, it will bless you with happier employees who would take less time to travel and hence be far more productive at work.

Amenities and their proximity

You need to get a commercial property that has amenities such as restaurants, cafes and health clubs nearby. It will give a chance to your employees to use their break time in a better way and also help you hold office parties easily to socialise with the workforce. 

Keep the glassline in mind

What makes your office A class or C class is the number of windows it has in it. With large glass windows all around, the office will look a lot bigger and spacious. It will let in more natural light; and, hence help you save money due to the reduced energy usage. If you are still finding it hard to get hold of your dream office space in Horsham or Gatwick, KBA is here to help. Our property consultants have a long list of commercial properties that you can choose as your office space. Our experience in the area further makes us one of the best choices for your corporate real estate needs. Delay no further and get in touch with us now!